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Saturday July 14, 2012 


1001 Harden street Columbia  

60 Seconds Shopping Spree 


Contestants MUST be present to win!!! 



  • Contestant must be present at the time of the drawing. 

  • Contestants must be 18 years or older. 

  • Must be MVP Card Holders (if not they can sign up at that time) 

  • 1 Shopping Cart. 

  • Food Lion associates or immediate family members of Food Lion association or the radio station are prohibited. 

  • Age restricted products are prohibited (alcohol, tobacco, magazines, etc) are prohibited. 

  • 1 entry per family; no limit to the number of persons entered. 

  • Customers shopping store in the store may enter. 

  • Gift cards, phone cards, cell phone and accessories, kiosk items ( baby formula) are prohibited. 

  • Limit 5 of any items. 

  • Limit will apply to actual item, not category of item (e.g. limit will be 5 ground beef, 5 sirloin, etc vs 5 meat products.) 

  • Shopper wins items in shopping cart not cash value.  

  • Winner maybe required to fill out tax forms if purchase exceeds a certain dollar value.  


Food Lion Shopping Spree
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